Monday, July 23

Its Cleo & Annie Knight Have A Hard Sex 3Some!

This is the 1st ever "Call in to be a Director" Show! Cleo & Annie Knight had a member call them on speaker phone to be the director of their rough sex 3 some! Cleo & Annie pull each other's titties out of their tight white tank tops and make out. They get on their knees and take turns getting throat fucked. The guy lays down and rips Cleo's panties off. Cleo rides his cock till she cums while he & Annie smack her ass and titties! Time to Switch! Annie rides him and gets choked and spanked till she cums all over his cock! This vid includes spanking, choking, biting, scratching and great close up scenes of the girls taking the dick! Cum shot: Annie takes his load all over her face (accidental pink eye) and Cleo Licks it all up and swallows his cum!

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